Фамед Живец отмечает 140 летнюю историю производства высококачественного медицинского оборудования Famed Żywiec and its direct predecessors share a more than 140 year-old tradition of manufacturing in Zywiec, a town in Southern Poland. As a producer of high-quality medical equipment, Famed also offers considerable advantages as an original equipment manufacturer for Western European producers due to its cost efficient practices and breadth of product capabilities. Famed‘s well-trained workforce gives it a key competitive advantage in this highly-skilled, manual-labor intensive business.
Компания "Ситимед"
Украина, г.Киев
ул.Григория Андрющенка 7/19
офис 2

Тел.(044) 236-53-54, 236-51-47